Stefano Butti, FPS Head of the Sales Group, talks about the current italian market situation, what FPS expects from the future and other company news

January 13, 2021

Today we’re here to talk about the just passed year and how it was for FPS especially for the Italian Market.

First of all, I’d like to underline that we’re very proud to be Italian and we’re proud how the Italian Market response about the current situation of Covid 19. As we always mentioned on our social profile, FPS has never stopped and we always given to our customers full supports to complete the new projects and to go on with the planned and the already planned maintenance activities. In terms of sales, the 2020 worldwide sale has been in line with our expectations, and we’re very happy on the answer of the Italian Market who recognized us as reliable partner and who has appreciated the high quality of our systems.

  • And what about 2021? What is the main focus for this year?

For FPS the 2021 is an important year because we’d like to confirm all what we have done despite the current situation on last year. The main focus for this year is to expand our presence on the worldwide market and also to improve the onsite and remote assistance and services. Also, the 2021 will be a strange year about the events, the situation is still quite unclear and a lot of exhibition have not been confirmed. We planned to participate to some online conferences and, after the great success of last year’s webinars, we’ll propose a new edition of FPS Webinars about Containment and Micronization systems during the next months. So, stay tuned and follow us on our socials to see what is coming next!