Stefano Butti, FPS Head of the Sales Group, talks about the 2021 results and the new challenges

January 19, 2022

What events have characterized the year just ended?

2021 was a busy year with great news. it was a hybrid year, where we have now integrated digital tools into our daily lives, and where we finally had the opportunity to meet in person again.

It was also an important year because we launched on the market an innovative solution in the world of containment: the first isolator in the world with voice commands. The project was born from an intuition of our president, Carlo Corsini, and was developed internally and in collaboration with SIEMENS. We applied a technology that we use daily with SIRI, ALEXA or OK GOOGLE, and we applied it to our isolators. This allows to have many advantages, starting from the increase of productivity to the decrease of the risk of breakage of some components, such as gloves but not only.

So, despite the worldwide pandemic situation, it was a very positive year for FPS in terms of new innovation, but also in terms of overall turnover. We achieved all of the fixed commercial target and in some cases we really did more than expected!

And what about 2022? What is the main focus for this year?

For this new year the main focus is to continue the way we are doing. We would like to keep our customer satisfaction very high or higher, to be one of the leading company in the field of containment and milling/micronisation and to increase the overall quality and performance of our system! 

Despite the current worldwide situation we will try to keep the expected delivery terms thanks to a dedicated strategy we started few months ago. We know we work for a very important field and for this we give all of our effort to be an active and important partner to all of our customer!