Technical Trials

Optimization of process parameters and study of the behavior of micronized products

Preliminary analysis of the product allows us to know its characteristics in depth and evaluate its PSD (particle size distribution). This type of study, carried out with specific machinery, enables precise granulometric tests and optimal configuration of the micronization plant.

It is a big bonus for our customers to run trials with their product before committing to a purchase. They can witness the trials and get familiar with the equipment. In other cases, our customers already have our equipment but either need the expertise of our PhD staff to optimize their process parameters and need to run in specific conditions (cryogenic or in an isolator) to reach their final specifications. It also allows to gain a lot of experience and to use that expertise to design the best performing equipment. 

One example is our LaboFeeder-TS. It is a high-performing Twin-Screw feeder specifically for small quantities for the lab which makes it unique. 

Finally, our staff is also very involved with the mills sold by FPS. They test the equipment to ensure it meets the customer needs and support the customer for the execution of the FAT.