Simona Manganelli, QHSE Manager and Gloria Bergamasco, COMPLIANCE Manager, talk about the latest safety news and new measures adopted by FPS

August 27, 2020

1.What does security mean for FPS?

S.M. -> FPS has a certficied safety and quality management system ISO 9001 and 45001. Tthe health and safety of workers is the primary goal.

G.B. -> Design and manufacture high standard levels and performance machines. Guarantee the safety of the operator, the product and the surrounding environment.

2. How does FPS guarantee safety with its machinery?

S.M. ->The FPS machines guarantee containment performances to allow the safe handling of harmful or potentially harmful products for the operator’s health.

G.B. -> FPS has the CE marking on its machines. It was obtained after following a careful risk assessment in compliance with Directive 2006/42 EC. Our equipments can operate in potentially explosive atmospheres as they comply with the ATEX 2014/34 EU directive. For the American market, FPS manufactures and installs UL compliant machinery for which we carry out preliminary evaluation.

3. After the health emergency, what has changed and what are the safety measures taken?

S.M. -> The company never stopped, even during the lockdown, the necessary health and containment procedures were activated immediately. Today the body temperature control at the entrance for employees and visitors is still in place as well as physical spacing, remote meetings, smart working. Travelling is limited at the moment and business trip to foreign countries are organized according the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indications.

G.B. -> At a company level, we have moved to create a specific product to support the community: the Swab Testing Station for Covid-19. 

4. What are the prospects for the future in terms of security?

S.M. -> Zero accidents is the goal to which the entire organization aims. Attention to the worker, internal audits, continuous improvement of procedures, search for new systems and materials: FPS never stops is our motto.

G.B. -> A constant update on Standards and an immediate reply of the design and the testing protocols to ensure compliance. Study of new technologies to be applied on our isolators to increase performances compared to the high levels that we already reach today.