Powder handling in cosmetic formulations

The creation of cosmetic products (lipsticks, eyeshadows and compact foundations) requires a special process of powder handling, in order to obtain the optimal effects desired by the final consumer.

Many cosmetics depend on a blend of high quality pigments, preservatives and binders that need to be formulated and compacted. Powdered ingredients, whether natural or synthetic, need the maximum reduction in size to achieve the best results.

FPS has developed innovative technologies and solutions for the cosmetic industry suitable for managing the powder in various stages of the process, from the handling of raw materials to micronization, mixing and transfer, as well as microdosing.

Fine grinding is the mechanical reduction of a coarse solid material into smaller particles.
Containment is the separation of a hazardous area from a clean one by means of a physical (isolators) or aerodynamic (downflow booths) barrier.
Optimization of process parameters and study of the behavior of micronized products