Automated Robotic Isolators

In the dynamic landscape of pharmaceutical processing, the FPS Pharma Isolators with Robotic
Arm Technology represent a leap in innovation, efficiency, and safety. These cutting-edge systems redefine the standards for both aseptic and toxic applications, guaranteeing product integrity, worker safety, regulatory compliance, and uninterrupted operations.Say goodbye to maintenance headaches and costly downtimes. Embrace top efficiency and free operators from repetitive tasks!

FPS Robotic Isolators for Aseptic Processes

The FPS Robotic Isolators for aseptic processes guarantee precision and consistency, ensuring sterility and minimizing product contamination risks. Rest assured with industry-leading technology safeguarding your aseptic processes. GMP Grade A certified, compliant with quality control standards.

FPS Automated Isolators for Toxic Applications

FPS brings robotic technology to handle High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPIs). ROBO-TOX provides an unrivalled level of protection, ensuring that operators are shielded from hazardous substances at all times. With ROBO-TOX, you can confidently navigate the complexities of HPAPIs processing, knowing that

Discover the Impact of Exceptional Design

Designed for seamless integration into production lines.
Custom Isolators with integrated robotic arms for top performances.
Sanitary design & minimum maintenance required.
Grade A GMP compliant robotic solutions.

Robotize Processes NOT People!

Unstoppable & Robust

The robots are carefully designed for uninterrupted operation with minimal scheduled maintenance. This leads to substantial reductions in maintenance expenses and production downtime caused by lengthy or frequent maintenance routines.
The compact size of the robotic arms coupled with FPS deep design know-how guarantee an optimized footprint for the automated isolator.

Energy Saving

The lightweight robotic arms and energy-efficient motors drive down energy consumption, slashing operational costs. Leveraging harmonic drive motors, these robots sustain high speeds through multiple shifts,which is vital for peak productivity. Additionally, the motor is designed for efficient handling of heavier loads, reducing strain and mitigating downtime risks from repairs.

Applications for this FPS Technology

1 – Fill-finish lines
2 – Aseptic compounding
3 – Precision weighing and dispensing
4 – Material transfer
5 – Cleaning-in-Place (CIP)
6 – Decontamination of isolators
And many more!

Key Advantages

    We are ready to bring a new level
    of efficiency into your processes.

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