Rita Masiello, Service and After Sales Manager, talks about the importance of scheduled maintenance and after sales service

November 2, 2020
  1. FPS don’t sell only customized systems for the pharmaceutical & chemical sector, but also after-sales consulting, what does it mean?

Fps believes that customer support after equipment delivery is a very important step: all our systems are tailor-made and our specialists are ready support our customers with training, system start up, validation and maintenance activities.

Response time to those requests is short and the group of technicians who followed the project from start to the FAT also gets involved to guarantee that the knowledge accumulated during the life of the project is passed along. We always get our customers input when we have technical decisions to make. That ensures that we have their buy-in and also guarantees that their needs are fully met. 

  1. What does it mean “scheduled maintenance” of equipment?

For each system FPS can offer a full maintenance plan to keep the equipment always in its best working conditions. An FPS technician will be on-site every 6 months or every year to conduct a series to test that will guarantee the equipment top performance. 

This is done through a maintenance contract that is customized for each customer by our sales team. A spare parts plan can also be developed and incorporated in the maintenance contract. 

  1. How did FPS deal with the “social distancing” from the point of view of customer care?

In this difficult period with many restrictions we are also improving our working methods by using remote connections to support our customers.

It’s not only remote access to the system but we also use special connected glasses and remote programs to guide our customers to work on the machine with our assistance without being physically on site with them.

We are starting to deploy these tools and we are confident this solution will help a lot.

  1. What added value does this kind of services have for a company like FPS?

Our aftersales service is absolutely critical to ensure that once the machine is delivered and installed our customers continue to be fully satisfied.

We stay in close contact with our customers, support them for all site activities and develop plans to ensure the system is always in perfect running conditions.