Policy of the Integrated Management System

FPS commits to accomplish, as a core corporate strategy, the management and development of its activities with steady attention to its stakeholders, namely:

− considering its employees and collaborators as primary assets to be preserved and gratified;
− aiming at a continuous improvement of its services and products;
− respecting the ethical-social values and the safety and health of its workers and collaborators;
− preserving and safeguarding the environment;
− promoting an internal environment that guarantees equal dignity and opportunities to all persons, no matter their country of origin, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political ideas and any other individual characteristic and style.

With the aim of contributing to the development of the region, in a way that is sustainable and compatible with available resources, FPS also intends to:

− offer innovative and reliable products capable of satisfying the demand for customized systems;
− offer technologically advanced machinery that can be increasingly integrated into production lines in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries;
− offer competitive prices and strictness in delivery times;
− guarantee constant commitment in the search for the best safety of the workers;
− aim at a management increasingly oriented towards customer satisfaction;
− make its activities more and more efficient in order to minimize their environmental impact.

This commitment is substantiated by FPS through the implementation, control and development of an Integrated Management System compliant with the standards:

− UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
− UNI ISO 45001:2018
− UNI PDR 125: 2022

FPS- since they consider the protection of health and safety in the workplace as an essential objective to be achieved and constantly improved – with this document intend to:

− express their will to reconcile the needs of economic development and value creation with the protection of health and safety at work, the correct management of data, and the application of voluntary quality standards.
− set out the company guidelines for the aforementioned protection;
− share with the interested parties (employees, collaborators, contractors, trade unions, institutions, regions and communities) the related management principles;
− encourage consultation and participation of workers and their representatives, in the awareness that their active contribution is crucial for the achievement of safety-related objectives and quality;
− provide a reference for implementing, documenting and maintaining a solid, credible and reliable Integrated Management System, which complies with the provisions of UNI ISO 45001 and UNI EN ISO 9001 and can be certified by an Accredited Body;
2 GQSA Policy SGI Rev.01
− ensure equal dignity and opportunities to all persons working, collaborating and interacting with FPS.The primary objective is to guarantee a safe and healthy workplace, with equal dignity for all employees and collaborators.

This objective is embodied in the following principles:
− complying fully with current legislation (including any other regulations adopted by the company), the reference standards, and the company’s safety procedures;
− complying with all the laws in matter of gender equality;
− using means and materials that have characteristics that comply with the safety legislation in force and promoting research for the best scientific knowledge and for the continuous updating of the technologies being used;
− providing for safety in the workplace by trying to detect all possible risks and take the best remedial actions;
− promoting and pursuing, in all company activities, the improvement of the performance and results in terms of quality provided;
− preventing and correcting any dangerous situation by promoting reporting and by systematically implementing the analyses of causes and possible remedies;
− spreading within the company, through constant awareness raising, a culture aimed at enacting forms of behavior that are correct from the viewpoint of safety, gender equality and the rules conceived to improve the quality provided;
− developing professional skills and the commitment to operate in compliance with prevention and protection procedures at all company levels, through training and information;
− operating to achieve a general awareness that the responsibility for safety is entrusted to all workers, at all company levels, each according to their purview;
− promoting the involvement and consultation of the workers and their representatives in the main processes of the management system, with particular regard to processes providing quality and to prevention in matter of safety, in constant quest of continuous improvement;
− encouraging the participation of the workers and their representatives, in the ways provided by law and by the management system, in risk assessment, prevention and protection measures (using the hierarchy of controls), training programs, information and training, communication process, and preparation and response to emergencies;
− involving collaborators and contractors in the protection of health and safety in the workplace, in particular through the communication of the Policy and its objectives, as well as through cooperation and coordination at every stage of the contractual relationship;
− pursuing a reasonable and constant increase in safety performance, and the consequent levels of physical and intellectual well-being of the workers, by organizing work to this end and by providing adequate economic, human and technological resources;
− performing periodic safety audits and inspections, checking operational activities, training and information documentation, risk assessment and plans for prevention and improvement;
− verifying continuously the management of safety, through the critical analysis of the results achieved and the review of the aforementioned principles and of the management system;
− spreading the culture of diversity and equal opportunities among employees and collaborators, ensuring that everyone is always granted dignity, respect, and equity;
− creating a friendly work environment, free from direct or indirect discrimination and any detrimental behaviour based on individual, social, political, and cultural diversity;
− regularly monitoring the indicators concerning gender equality to define more suitable, prompt and effective action to reach the aims set by the present document;
3 GQSA Policy SGI Rev.01
− implementing specific policies of employee management to ensure equity in each phase of the labour relations, from recruiting to role assignment, career management, evaluation, professional development, pay equity, and termination of employment;
implementing internal and external communication policies aiming for gender equity, to value diversity, and to support women’s empowerment;
− recognizing the value of work-life balance by developing specific parenthood and wellness programmes and initiatives;
− implementing strict prevention policies against any form of physical, verbal and digital abuse on the workplace.

This Policy represents the guide for the continuous improvement of safety and quality performance, of the search for equality opportunities and of the related management system; it also constitutes the reference framework for the definition and review of the improvement plans.

The Integrated Management System Policy is also a corporate communication document; in order to spread it as much as possible, both internally and externally, such document is available to the operators in the enterprise content management software “Ecm/Documenti Sistema gestione integrato” and is displayed on the company notice boards, so that everyone is aware of their obligations regarding health and safety in the workplace; it is available for all other stakeholders on the company’s website.

The effective management of the System requires the involvement of the entire organization at all levels. Therefore, the implementation of the above is a fundamental requirement of every activity that takes place in the company, in accordance with the objectives assigned to each person.

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