The QMill-14 is required for final particle size between 15-20µm and 100µm (D50). Starting PSD of raw material is of 2-3mm approx. It is engineered to give higher product yield with batch size from 10g to 5000kg with productivity from 5 to 300kg/h.

The QMill-10 is engineered for final particle size between 15-20µm and 100µm (D50). Starting PSD of raw material is 2-3mm approx. It is the best solution to give higher product yield with batch size from 5g to 2500Kg with productivity from 2 to 150kg/h.

LaboMill-1 / Pm1 are laboratory micronizers, used especially in the early stages of development and when only extremely small batch sizes are available. The very limited amount of material (as low as 200 mg) requires the use of very special equipment designed and developed earlier through a “miniaturization” process. But despite the small size, LaboMill-1 and Pm1 are able to ensure full scalability of the micronization process. 

LaboMill-1 allow a discharge configuration from below while PM1 a top discharge configuration where product recovery inside the filter bag.

LaboMill-1 and Pm1 jet mills can be easily integrated within an FPS isolator system for the safe handling and processing of APIs or toxic products.

The LaboMill-0 is the first  world smallest fluid jet mill. It can be used for initial development studies of a pharmaceutical molecule, to test the applicability of the micronization process, and to increase the specific surface area of molecules under development that are available in limited quantities.

LaboMill-0 represents the right solution for preliminary feasibility micronization trials with milligrams batches of New Chemical Entities, as well as of many other products.

The system is based on the proven FPS Spiral Jet Mill technology and it’s designed to effectively operate despite the miniaturized dimensions and to maintaining a high performance level and reliability.

At FPS MEC test Center it is possible to perform technical trials with your products and LaboMill-0.

PilotMill-6 meets product development needs in batches from 500g to 250kg.

PilotMill-5 is the ideal solution for development and production needs in batches from 100g to 100kg.

The PILOTMILL-4 jet mill is designed for product development’s needs, where batches from 5g to 60kg are considered. It is available in top and bottom discharge configurations.

The PilotMill-3 jet mill is suitable for R&D activities and the micronization of product batches starting from 3g and up to about 10kg, ensuring extremely low product loss.

The PilotMill-2 jet mill is designed for small batches of product from 1g to 3kg. Depending on this process condition, PilotMill-2 provides higher micronized product yield. It is available in a top discharge configuration with product recovery inside the filter bag to further maximize product yield. 

The PILOTMILL-2 is the result of an unparalleled optimization study that involved the milling chamber, the nozzles and the classifier.

Typical batch sizes for using the ProMill-16 air-jet mill range from 20 kg to 5000 kg.