Isolators for Packaging Operations

This type of equipment is best for transferring potent API being processed from a process vessel to drums or bags, through a sieve. 

These operations generate a lot of dust and exposure to high-potency APIs. Often the product is an API with highly toxic levels (up to OEL 10 µg/m3) and particle sizes can be irregular and PPE does not provide the required protection (e.g., OEB 5 – 0.1 µg/m3).

The advantages of FPS solutions are:

  • No risk of exposure to operators
  • Automated process: High productivity and 100% weighing accuracy.
  • Automated CIP system ensures highly efficient cleaning
  • No risk of cross-contamination after product changeover
  • Flexibility: powder can be fed into drums of various sizes
  • Easy-to-clean custom isolator with optimized ergonomics

FPS provides flexible solutions: for less toxic products (OEB3) windows can be opened because the continuous liner ensures sufficient containment with a wide range of bag sizes capable of receiving the processed product (system is on load cells)

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