Isolators for micronization operations

The purpose of micronization is to obtain very fine powders, with size reduction down to a few μm. Therefore, it is important that all milling operations be effectively contained to prevent operators from breathing dust clouds and coming into contact with HPAPIs (highly active pharmaceutical compounds) caused by the high energy involved in these process operations.

FPS provides different types of mills for laboratory, pilot, or production activities, which can be integrated into isolator:

  • Fluid Energy Mills (Jet mills and Q-Mills)
  • Pin Mills
  • Hammer Mills
  • Bevel Mills

All mills are available for testing, including in isolator, at the MEC test center.

Micronization and fine grinding activities can be carried out within a containment system even under cryogenic conditions.

FPS also provides hybrid solutions where different micronization technologies (jet mill, mechanical mill) can be combined in one system, with or without containment.

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