IPQC in process quality control

Isolators for Laboratory Operations

Whenever a HPAPI is produced, it is necessary to ensure maximum operator protection in all planned laboratory activities.

Typical laboratory applications are:

  • In Process Control;
  • Quality Control activities;
  • HPLC preparation;
  • Sterility testing.

Customized isolator shape allows to maximize the length of the working chamber gives dedicated room for all necessary instruments:

  • Analytical balance
  • Moisture analyzer
  • Weight variation system
  • Hardness tester
  • Friability tester
  • Automatic disintegration tester
  • ….

Benefits of FPS Solution:

  • No risk of exposure for the operators during all operations
  • Special design can fit in small room
  • Sliding drawers for printers (outside the isolators): easy access
  • Easy-to-clean custom isolator with optimized ergonomics
  • ….
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