LaboMill-1 / Pm1 are laboratory micronizers, used especially in the early stages of development and when only extremely small batch sizes are available. The very limited amount of material (as low as 200 mg) requires the use of very special equipment designed and developed earlier through a “miniaturization” process. But despite the small size, LaboMill-1 and Pm1 are able to ensure full scalability of the micronization process. 

LaboMill-1 allow a discharge configuration from below while PM1 a top discharge configuration where product recovery inside the filter bag.

LaboMill-1 and Pm1 jet mills can be easily integrated within an FPS isolator system for the safe handling and processing of APIs or toxic products.

Spiral Jet mills for R&D
NameLabo Mill - 0Labo Mill - 1 / PM1
Dimensions3/4 " milling chamber1" 1/2 milling chamber
MaterialAISI316L for product contact partsAISI316L / PTFE / superlattice
GasketsSilicone -FEPPTFE - FEP / viton - silicone
Surface roughness#< 0,25 μm - contact parts < 0,80 μm - non contact parts
Surface finishmirror polished
Batch Sizeminimum 10 mg - maximum 100 mgminimum 0,2 g - maximum 100 g
Productivity#minimum 3 g/h - maximum 80 g/h
Gas Consumtpion @ 7 barg0,67 Nm3/h5,0 Nm3/h
Gas Consumtpion @ 12 bargN.A.8,6 Nm3/h
Gas Consumtpion @ 100 psig0,42 SCFM3,1 SCFM
Gas Consumtpion @ 175 psigN.A.5,4 SCFM
Utilities 4 mm connection - Air / nitrogen
YieldTypical yield 99.5% depending on batch sizeTypical yield 99.5% depending on batch size
Working pressurefrom 1 up to 6 bargfrom 2 up to 12 barg
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