The LaboMill-0 is the first  world smallest fluid jet mill. It can be used for initial development studies of a pharmaceutical molecule, to test the applicability of the micronization process, and to increase the specific surface area of molecules under development that are available in limited quantities.

LaboMill-0 represents the right solution for preliminary feasibility micronization trials with milligrams batches of New Chemical Entities, as well as of many other products.

The system is based on the proven FPS Spiral Jet Mill technology and it’s designed to effectively operate despite the miniaturized dimensions and to maintaining a high performance level and reliability.

At FPS MEC test Center it is possible to perform technical trials with your products and LaboMill-0.

Spiral Jet mills for R&D
NameLabo Mill - 0Labo Mill - 1 / PM1
Dimensions3/4 " milling chamber1" 1/2 milling chamber
MaterialAISI316L for product contact partsAISI316L / PTFE / superlattice
GasketsSilicone -FEPPTFE - FEP / viton - silicone
Surface roughness#< 0,25 μm - contact parts < 0,80 μm - non contact parts
Surface finishmirror polished
Batch Sizeminimum 10 mg - maximum 100 mgminimum 0,2 g - maximum 100 g
Productivity#minimum 3 g/h - maximum 80 g/h
Gas Consumtpion @ 7 barg0,67 Nm3/h5,0 Nm3/h
Gas Consumtpion @ 12 bargN.A.8,6 Nm3/h
Gas Consumtpion @ 100 psig0,42 SCFM3,1 SCFM
Gas Consumtpion @ 175 psigN.A.5,4 SCFM
Utilities 4 mm connection - Air / nitrogen
YieldTypical yield 99.5% depending on batch sizeTypical yield 99.5% depending on batch size
Working pressurefrom 1 up to 6 bargfrom 2 up to 12 barg
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