Cleanrooms solutions allow product protection in a variety of materials and configurations.

FPS may design and install turnkey solutions, up to ISO8 classification, complete with:

  • Partitioning walls, manufactured with high pressure laminated sheets, stainless steel, carbon steel, complete with coving and accessories when required, access doors, windows.
  • The whole system is designed assuring co-planar surfaces with best cleaning results. 
  • HVAC systems, with required air flows and HEPA filtration according to desired ISO class and containment needs. The HVAC is complete with the T and RH control system; it is possible to design the system assuring special thermo-hygrometric conditions, down to RH<20%.
  • Flooring, with PVC mats or epoxy resins lining.
  • Illumination of rooms with LED or neon lamps.
  • Access control system, to prevent direct communication of external environment with working areas (available even in ATEX rated areas).
  • Qualification documentation.
  • Qualification service.
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