Pack-Off 10 µg/m3

February 9, 2021

How can you transfer potent in-process API from a filter dryer into drums or big bags?


  • Transfer potent in-process API from a filter dryer into drums or big bags

What are the issues:

  • Api is highly toxic (OEL 10 µg/m3)
  • Powder can agglomerate and not flow:
    • Power can clog and stop the process
    • Once in large drums/bags the powder can easily agglomerate
    • It will create problems for the next step of the chemical process
  • Particle size can be uneven: there could be some abnormally large particles

Benefits of FPS Solution:

  • No risk of exposure for the operators
  • Process is automated:
    • High productivity (over 50% faster and mistake proof)
    • 100% weighting accuracy
  • Automatic CIP system guarantees highly efficient cleaning
    • No risk of cross contamination after product change over
  • Flexibility: powder can be fed to various sizes of drums or big-bags (with use of adaptors)

Description of FPS solution:

  • Process is closed off
    • Cleaning time is reduced by 90%
  • An automated coarse dosing valve is clamped at the filter dryer discharge pipe
    • provides a consistent feed to a cone mill
  • In-line cone mill breaks down large particles:
    • Powder will flow more easily
    • Narrower particle size distribution: facilitates the downstream process
  • An automated fine dosing valve speeds up reaching the accurate weight
  • Milled powder is fed into drums through a continuous liner or big bags with safe-change feature
    • Closed system: no powder floating in the air
    • Safe process for operators: no need for PPEs (better ergonomics and avoids losing 1hour per shift for gowning/degowning)
  • Automatic weighting system controlled by FPS-designed central PLC:
    • High accuracy & repeatability
    • High productivity
  • CIP cleaning can use aggressive solvents (system is Explosion-Proof designed)
  • 1 central control system to operate all the equipment & control the cleaning