New FPS innovation swabbing solution

March 26, 2020

FPS is pleased to announce the developing of a new innovating solution for swabbing, that will ensure the absolute safety of operators and patients.

Inspired by the Korean hospital of Yangji in Seoul, FPS has designed the first prototype of Safety Box to perform the swab for COVID-19 on a high number of people in a few minutes and in total safety, both for the operator and the patient.

The cabins are easily transportable and, once positioned in strategic points, will allow doctors to perform between 12 and 15 swabs in one hour.

Given its experience in the containment sector, FPS has chosen to concentrate all its efforts on the realization of these “swab isolators” in a short time, maintaining the high standards of safety and quality. These systems will consist of two cabins and will be equipped with a negative pressure ventilation system.

Carlo Corsini, the owner, says: “I’m proud of our team for working together and putting their technical skills at the service of public health on such short notice, working with enthusiasm despite the difficult period we’re all going through”

The project was presented to the Ausl in Piacenza two days ago, in the hope that it can be used to contain the spread of the virus.

Click HERE for the video