MultiMilling station in an Isolator

October 10, 2023

Customer needs

CDMOs need a high level of flexibility when milling and/or micronizing High Potent APIs. Those APIs require different milling technologies  (mechanical or jet milling) and different mills. Also a high level of cleanability is a must. 

In addition CDMOs must provide the best ergonomic conditions for operators whose height difference can reach 50 cm (almost 2 feet) between the shortest and the tallest person. 

FPS solution 

FPS multi-milling Isolator features interchangeable mills (through interchangeable heads). ConeMill, PinMill, HammerMill, Loop Mill and Jet Mill can be used in the same Isolator chamber (one or two at a time, depending on the configuration). 

Also a fully-integrated foldable platform is provided so that operators of all sizes can work at the perfect height. This platform is light and easy to be deployed when needed. Once the work is completed, it can quickly be folded and slid under the isolator, minimizing the footprint of the equipment. 

The milling system and the heads set are provided with an automatic gravimetric feeder which provides a constant feed rate. This assures a constant and uniform particle size at the output. 

To assure the high level of ergonomic, a full wooden mockup test was performed at the End User site. Inside all the equipment (various mills, feeders, cyclones) were 3D printed to better simulate all the activities (Operations, Cleaning, Maintenance).