Micronization isolator 500 ng/m3

March 17, 2021

How can a lab safely weight & dispense toxic APIs and liquid solutions?

How to get more protection than the current flexible isolator?

Process steps

  • Introduce bags of potent API, weight & dispense in smaller bags
  • Bring in flasks, add solution and dispense in smaller flasks
  • Test samples of potent powder or liquid

Challenges of the current flexible isolator:

  • Difficult to clean and not resistant to solvents
  • Moisture reduction is insufficient
  • Poor ergonomics for small and tall people
  • No continuous monitoring of oxygen level

FPS Custom hard-wall isolator:

  • Better containment: 500 ng/m3
  • Easy cleaning: very resistant to aggressive solvents
  • Moisture control <4% oxygen level guaranteed
  • Height adjustment: perfect ergonomics for small & tall people