Ilenia Lindi, Head of Project Manager Office, talks about the Project Manager role in FPS

April 13, 2021
  • What is the most important role of a project manager?

First of all the Project Manager has to focus on the Triangle Value (time, cost and quality) but certainly, the PM also plays the role of mediator. Indeed, if it was just a matter of applying knowledge, methods and procedures in the right way, the Project Manager role could be played by an Excel sheet. However, the Project Manager must satisfy both the needs of the Stakeholders and the Project Team, working to achieve a common goal and promoting cooperation to reach excellent results.

  • What was a challenging project and how did you manage it?

In my opinion, every project is a challenge. Our team is able to manage important projects both in economic terms, such as an innovative containment system for the sterile micronization process worth 4.5 million euros, and in terms of distances, such as a production micronization plant installed in the US. Our strength is the ability to listen to our customer’s needs and work for their satisfactions. This allows us to create tailor-made solutions. As we are not afraid to work hard, these common factors characterize our projects: – We cross the ocean to perform a kick-off meeting in order to be aligned from the very beginning; – We organize meetings to illustrate the approval drawings and discuss together the details, now remotely because of Covid-19; – We perform detailed mock-ups of the future machine, even remotely. The secret is to feel like partners and not just suppliers.

  • What sort of project management tools do you use?

In FPS each project is assigned to a Project Manager who coordinates both a dedicated design team and the machine production. The Project Manager assigns resources and times to each project, based on a WBS (work breakdown structure) perfected over time, which is managed by a management software. In addition, the Project Manager monitors and controls the project progress to evaluate the deviations from the baseline in advance and to foresee corrective actions. This activity is demanding, but it allows us to monitor the progress of each project and the entire portfolio. This management tool is useful not only for the Project Manager, but also for the other department colleagues: indeed, they can always be informed and aligned on each project milestones.