High containment Integrated system for Pharmaceutical application

June 1, 2017

FPS has recently delivered a high containment Integrated systems for an Oncology plant in Bangalore.

The system is composed by an ANFD discharge Isolator, a Vacuum Transport System (VTS) and a Micronization equipment PROMILL-8 in Isolator.

Our client searched an appropriate solution for -grinding material and clean packaging after the filtering and drying process-“ say Eng. Bissola, FPS technical sales manager. “We offered a filter dryer discharge system in combination with a VTS and micronization equipment for the high potent particles (HPAPIs) handling. It’s a customized system, using solutions and technologies derived from similar units supplied in the past”.

The isolator for product discharge from an existing Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer (ANFD) is complete with discharge chute for product to be re-processed and for product to be transferred to micronization unit,  conical mill for product sieving before micronization and Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) for material inlet/outlet.

The Vacuum Transport System (VTS) transfers the product from the ANFD discharge isolator to a buffer vessel installed on top of micronization system, for complete batch transfer.

The vessel is complete with an active Split Butterfly Valve to allow connection of bins in safe way in case the VTS cannot be used due to poor material flowing properties; a lifting column is supplied for the bins handling.

The micronization equipment PROMILL-8 is installed inside isolator and is complete with gravimetric feeder for product discharge inside the jet mill and a separation cyclone filter for gas product separation after micronization. A pack-off systems and exit chamber allows for controlled discharge inside drums, with weight control, and safe exit from the system.

This solution provides optimum operator and product protection and permit to work in high safety environment, while assuring top micronization performances according typical FPS jet mill design.

FPS is used to give process support to customers during the project development and after the commissioning, assisting the users in the operation and increasing knowledge of the supplied process for further development of APIs manufacturing.

FPS managing Director and micronization expert, Eng. Giovanni Gianola, completed in May 2017 a 4 sessions training seminar in each API plants of FPS customer for deep explanation of micronization process.

The training sessions, distributed over a period of different months, were followed by almost 100 people coming from operations, engineering, maintenance and plant directors, with the aim to share FPS approach to the process, its main parameters, the possible equipment configurations and the safety aspects to be considered.

Also it was an occasion to discuss solutions to specific plant situations occurring while operating the jet mills, indicating possible improvements strategies.

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