Glove Leak Tester

Get ready to feel like a racing car pilot during glove testing with our groundbreaking Glove Tester.
Our patented system redefines glove testing in pharmaceutical isolators.

Why choose the FPS Glove Tester? It’s more than a tool; it’s a race-ready companion that minimizes downtimes, prevents accidents, and ensures safety. Ultra precise and easy to use, this technologically advanced system boasts a unique design that’s both ergonomic, robust and lightweight. Step into the cockpit and experience glove testing like never before. 

The FPS revolution of glove testing


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when faster also means safer


The FPS Robotic Isolators for aseptic processes guarantee precision and consistency, ensuring sterility and minimizing product contamination risks.
Rest assured with industry-leading technology safeguarding your aseptic processes. GMP Grade A certified, compliant with quality control standards.


Safety is the cornerstone of our journey. With GloveXpert, you’re investing in maximum safety and peace of mind.
Our patented system has been designed to conduct a thorough and precise test on both the gloves and the glove-ports: an industry first!
It identifies holes as small as 100 microns, ensuring the elimination of both false negatives and false positives with surgical precision.

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when lighter also means sturdier


Crafted to perfection with a unique design!
Thanks to a blend of advanced materials, streamlined construction, and efficient component integration, this product weighs less than 4 kg (9 lb) per unit (for a 250 mm glove-port).
The meticulous focus on weight reduction and design ensures that users can enjoy the comfort of a lightweight testing device without compromising on performance or reliability.


Created to withstand the demands of rigorous pharmaceutical testing environments.
Its construction is engineered with high-quality materials, ensuring resilience against wear and tear over time.
Additionally, the device boasts an anti-shock coating, further enhancing its durability.
Functioning as a protective barrier, this coating absorbs impacts and minimizes the risk of damage.

when more technology also means user-friendliness


Our commitment to innovation shines through every aspect of GloveXpert.
Stand-alone and multiplex versions meet every need and every glove size/thickness. GloveXpert requires no calibration by the operator for the pressure sensors and is fitted with an RFID reader, adding an extra layer of safety and efficiency to your testing process. By seamlessly integrating with RFID systems, it simplifies data management and ensures smooth communication with your existing infrastructure.


GloveXpert has been engineered with user comfort in mind starting with its ergonomic design and its portability.
GloveXpert boasts a user-friendly interface and is super easy to use.
The touchscreen is replaced by an intuitive dashboard that allows you to see all the essential test data & report instantly on your mobile phone or computer, thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi.
Experience unparalleled flexibility and ease of use!

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