Frederic Le Pape, American General Manager of FPS in Pennsylvania, talks about the current American market situation, what FPS expects from the future and the company’s news.

February 9, 2021
  • How was 2020 for FPS America?

Well definitely the pandemic was a bit of a shock to everybody. At the beginning I would say that everything slowed down, some things froze. And, after a few months, there was two different situations: all the projects that were for sterile and that were Covid related got a really a big push. While some others especially new installations / extensions got slowed down. And for us, in terms of installation, we managed to install everything we had to and we worked pretty closely with the customers. There was a lot of flexibility on both sides to make sure that, what was delivered, was installed and could be commissioned.

  • How do you see 2021?

Obviously, it’s going to be very different. I think the shock of the pandemic is over, the vaccines are coming and people know that things are going back to normal. The question is: how quickly? But there’s definitely a sense of optimism and people are more confident. They try to gauge when do they reengage in big projects, like extensions or brand-new installations. So that could be maybe the second half of the year, but already we see projects that have been, a bit slowed down, get the green light to go ahead. So we expect to be a stronger year than last year, and we’ll see how fast things move.