FPS presents milling isolator

August 5, 2020

The milling and micronization processes create a lot of dust as the powder has a very low Particle Size Distribution (PSD) at the end of the process. This dust level may result in an unacceptable exposure to the operators when HPAPI is involved.

FPS focuses on both containment and micronization systems. We offer Jet Mills and mechanical mills integrated into a containment system (all mills are 100% designed and manufactured in-house just like the isolators). The products line covers the full range of productivity and the isolator is designed around the process following best practices and ergonomic principles.

The milling/micronizing Isolators can be designed for small R&D batches (e.g. Isolator with integrated PilotMill-2), to pilot applications, up to the production scale (e.g. Isolator with integrated ProMill-12). The FPS engineering department designs and customizes these isolators depending on the customer needs, so that for the same containment target the design can look very different depending on the customer’s requirements and constraints.

The software is developed in-house and allows to manage both the isolator and the milling/micronization system with one single PLC/HMI.