FPS presents customized solutions for dispensing needs

September 18, 2020

For dispensing we mean all activities than involve dosing or mixing APIs with a liquid(s), resulting in a solution or suspension. It can also involve mixing other solid excipients to get an intermediate which will be later used as a starter for the manufacturing of solid dosage forms.

FPS designs and manufactures isolators to process toxic products, sterile products or a mix of both (toxic/sterile compounds). 

Our machines are tailor-made and fully customized to fulfil the needs of the final customer. In terms of size, we have designed a wide range from small isolators to large systems that have multiple levels (with operator platforms and an automatic system for handling large bins of raw materials).

Here are some examples of our flexibility: 

  1. Simple version of our dispensing isolator. Complete with weighing system (with external dedicated panel control), RTP port and interchangeable beta-container. Provided with double washing line. 
  2. Example of dispensing isolator for high containment level OEB6 (OEL < 0.03 μg/m3 – 8h TWA). This kind of isolators are designed with Inlet pre-chamber. An internal continuous liner can be added between the chambers, to improve the containment level even further. 
  3. Dispensing isolator for big quantities of processed product. It integrates a drum lifter and an operator platform in order to have a dedicated space on the bottom of the machine to connect a vessel, a mixer or other types of equipment. 
  4. Special design dispensing isolator in an “L” shape. This uncommon shape was dictated by the dimensions of the installation room. 

Attention to detail is fundamental to us. FPS can offers: 

  1. Adjustable-height feet for optimized working height: 
  2. Automatic glove tester with dedicated station
  3. Dedicated external support for equipment accessories such as a printer:
  4. Internal sink for washing (which can also store the weighing system when not in use). Finally it can serve as an additional working station by temporarily adding a custom cover. 

We typically integrate in our isolators the following connection systems: continuous liners, bag-in bag-out systems, rapid transfer ports, split valves or secondary chambers for bringing the materials in or taking them out. We can integrate systems for powder transport and weighing.

We use state-of-the-art instrumentation and safety sensors.

To achieve the best design we value most our interactions with the customer. Only a deep dialog can lead to the best performances in terms of containment and ergonomics. It also allows to build the custom isolator around the process of the customer and not the other way around. 

Mock Up phases

In order to find the best configuration for the machine, location of instruments and accessories, as well as to try all the functionalities of the internal equipment, we strongly encourage an ergonomic study with a wooden mock up before the final design. This is a great way for the customer and the design team to try out the isolator (made at a 1:1 scale). Due the current pandemic, we now perform some mock-up sessions remotely with one of our staff member acting as the operator. It works well.

We also welcome customers to visit our facilities to see physical examples of isolators in our permanent showroom or to perform particle size reduction trials with our process experts. In case you cannot come physically, you can visit our plant with our Virtual tour!