Filter Dryer Isolators

September 1, 2023

Filter Dryer Isolators are commonly installed on the discharge port of the Filter Dryer. The main goal is to protect the operators during the discharge operations of potent compounds.

This can be acceptable for OEB3 and OEB4 products. It requires special procedures and PPEs for activities such as filter vacuum or filter plate/cloth replacement after CIP, as well as a cleaning inspection inside the Filter Dryer.

Does that work for a containment down to 10ng/m3?

No, this CPT (Containment Performance Target) requires more containment, for example while dropping the filter base. FPS is very familiar with this application and its special isolator design allows you to get access to the filter baseplate under full containment through the gloves. This makes the cleaning inspection and filter cloth replacement smoother and much faster. This results in a more efficient process, while shortening process time and increasing productivity.

The FPS special design allows the operators to get the access:

  • To the dust collector filter sleeve
  • To the filter cloth and baseplate of the Filter Dryer
  • To the discharge chute, cone mill (if present) and dosing valve

The vertical set up and discharge give you much more flexibility and reduce the operator fatigue (no need to move heavy bags on a horizontal path).

Pushbuttons are provided and full communication with a centralized DCS allows the remote control of CIP, alarms monitoring and status of the machine.

Customer needs:

  • Flexibility
  • In-line milling process 
  • Product dosing into the bag with different types of products
  • Containment performances guaranteed for all the operations (production, cleaning and maintenance)

FPS custom solution:

  • Vertical discharge and isolator chambers special shape and design to allow full access to all the internal parts of the isolator
  • In-line Cone Mill on the discharge chute, with a 10barg pressure rating (special design)
  • Modulating butterfly valve, 10barg pressure rated, which avoids product bridging and allows a fine dosing into the bag
  • Rigid isolator on the Dust Collector housing, Filter Dryer and transition chamber with RTP port, Pack-off and exit chamber for single-digit nanogram containment. The Filter Dryer baseplate is inside the main isolator chamber at the mid-level.
  • Robust structure to allow the vertical discharge and provide the highest flexibility in terms of batch size and products range.