09/17/2021|Custom or standard isolator: which is the best solution?

Sometimes a standard isolator is all you need especially if your process is very short and simple, if quantities are very small and you don’t need to integrate any equipment. But you need to make some compromises and you will have to adapt your process to that standard equipment.

09/24/2021|How can process equipment be integrated into an isolator?

First of all, the design team must fully understand the process and have a lot of experience integrating various kinds of processing equipment into isolators.  The design must be committed to build the custom isolator around your process and not the other way around. 

10/04/2021|Can hard-wall isolators be ergonomic?

When best practices are followed during the design phase and when you deal with a very experienced manufacturer, this combination will produce great ergonomics. Here are some considerations.

10/26/2021|When are open RABS used?

OPEN RABS are classified as “passive or active open RABS sterile systems” and systems for the containment of HPAPI products – also called “active open RABS”.

Both systems are usually installed in cleanrooms and use the room filtered air.

11/03/2021|How does a jet mill work?

Contrary to a traditional mechanical mill, a jet mill uses a high-pressure process gas (usually compressed air or nitrogen) as milling energy.