The new FPS High Containment isolator for Micronization

In the last years more and more the companies require flexibility and a very low level of containment at the same time. FPS accepted this challenge and, with a continuous technology improvement and 100% in-house manufacturing, it is now one of the most relevant company focused on containment and micronization systems.

The latest goal is a multi-purpose isolator used to micronize down to 10 microns covering a wide range of batch size and assuring a Containment Performance Target (CPT) of 50ng/m3. Inside the isolator, a 4”, 8” or 12” jetmill can be installed. To do this, 9 isolator chambers have been designed on 2 different levels so that this is one of the biggest isolators installed in the US. The design of the isolator follows the ergonomic principles and it is optimized to reduce significantly the time involved for maintenance and cleaning. For example, one of the features is that if a 4” jetmill configuration is set up, only 3 of the 9 chambers are used. It means that at the end of the batch, the cleaning has to be done only for 3 chambers. The machine is fully automated with a centralized control system and HMI touchscreen panels.

The software is in-house developed and fully customized according to the customer needs and optimized to be user-friendly. The project has been developed starting from the GA and P&ID drawings, passing across a full-week mock up tests and then the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). The installation and validation activities will be executed from our dedicated customer service team during the summer 2020.


"For us at FPS it was an important project", underlines Eng. Sebastiano Mancarella, FPS Sales Manager, "we are proud to have accepted this new challenge and to have successfully faced it together with the customer. Our FPS never stops motto is the demonstration that we like to experiment with and find optimal and satisfactory solutions for our market to offer a personalized and functional service for each customer."

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