R&D Units

The R&D jet mill series is engineered to meet the requirements of R&D labs, where new products are developed and micronization process is requested on small quantities (from minimum 10mg to 100g).

These series belong to a jet mill family which is the result of an unparalleled optimization study. All connections of components are made to be in compliance with cGMPs and to assure quick and easy assembling and disassembling operations. The number of components is reduced at minimum in order to speed up also cleaning and validation activities.

The R&D jet mills may be easily integrated into FPS isolators to allow the process of very high active or sterile products.


LaboMill-0 represents the right solution for preliminary feasibility micronization trials with milligrams batches of New Chemical Entities, as well as of many other products.

  • Based on the proven FPS Spiral Jet Mill technology
  • Designed to effectively operate despite the miniaturized dimensions
  • Maintaining a high performance level and reliability

As per the trials performed in our laboratory using Lactose:

  • 10mg is minimum batch micronized with PilotMill-Zero
  • Recovered product: 190mg (95% of yield on 200mg batch)

At FPS R&D and Test Centre it is possible to perform technical trials with your products and LaboMill-0.


The LaboMill-1 is the FPS answer to R&D lab needs when it comes to very initial stages of development, when only extremely small "batch sizes" are available. This very limited amount of material - starting from 200 mg - asks for the use of very special equipment designed and developed via a "miniaturization" process.

Despite the reduced dimensions, the LaboMill-1 are able to assure full scalability of micronization process with other FPS jet mills.

The LaboMill-11 jet mills may be easily integrated within a FPS isolator system for the safe handling and processing of high potent API or toxic products.