About us

FPS Food and Pharma Systems is a leading company in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical fields, developing, manufacturing and installing worldwide its own range of Fine Size Reduction machines and Containment Solutions (sterile and highly toxic API).

Founded in 2002, aims to develop, design and supply systems to improve process results and optimize energy use, respecting man and environment. Over 15 years the company developed its own range of proprietary equipment, introducing innovations in the jet mill use and supporting food, chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the introduction of containment technologies in their manufacturing processes.

In 2005  an innovative cryogenic jet mill system was developed for operations inside a barrier isolator for the HPAPI manufacturing.

In 2009 “PilotMill-Zero” was presented, the smallest Fluid Jet Mill on the market, completing the range of micronization systems specifically realized for pharmaceutical R&D laboratory application.

In 2013 F.P.S. presented an innovative interchangeable milling station for the execution of milling operations in research and pilot plants departments, with different technologies integrated on a single system.

In 2014 the production factory in Fiorenzuola d’Arda was re-modernized and expanded.

In 2016 FPS dedicated a specific area to the new R&D and Test Center. It is equipped with three ISO8 grade test suites allow the execution of short to medium duration micronization technical tests, starting from laboratory to production quantities,  and with up-to-date machines and modern instruments in order to assure product and operator protection during activities to assess process validity / optimization. An isolator is available for technical test on HPAPI with R&D and Lab Jet Mills, up to PilotMill-6 and Pin Mill-100 units.

A wide network of agents assures FPS presence in every area in the world.

FPS is certified ISO9001 and the site is equipped with a photovoltaic systems which makes it self-sufficient.