Chiara Colombo, FPS Marketing Manager, talks about the next FPS marketing activities and the news

October 4, 2020
  1. The sector of trade shows and fairs has been put to the test during these months of emergency, now it seems that the situation is returning to some normalcy, what are the scheduled events for FPS?

In 2020 almost all events were cancelled or postponed due Covid-19, which prevents large events, especially indoors. After a series of dates set for autumn with different approaches, even the big fairs had to capitulate, postponing everything to 2021. We have been forced to rethink the ways we always presented ourselves to the market and find new ones. For the first time, FPS participated in two virtual conferences this September: the HPAPI Medicine Conference and PharmaCongress. Both events were appreciated by the public who liked the safety of it.

In October and November, however, our sales director, Eng. Butti, will be present as a speaker at the conference on containment organized by the A3P Association and at the Manufacturing Chemistry Live Conference.

  1. What about the events organized at your headquarters?

While waiting to be able to meet our customers again, FPS has decided to offer two free Webinars! The first one will take place on Wednesday 18th November and which will talk about the CONTAINMENT PROJECT EXECUTION: from isolator design to final performance verification. The webinar is free of charge.

You can register on our website, where find the agenda as well as other useful information. And the second one will scheduled on Thursday 03rd December in partnership with FARMAFORUM and we’ll talk about the MILLING AND MICRONIZATION PROCESS.

  1. And for 2021, what’s in store?

The current situation has forced everyone to review planning strategies, especially in the long term. While keeping the focus on the evolution of the situation, we continue to look forward. In fact, we are working to present a new type of isolators during the ACHEMA fair which will take place in June in Frankfurt. We will propose a system with a revised and innovative design, with the inclusion of new technologies that will allow greater freedom and safety for the operator.

If the world health situation allows it, we will also be present at the main events around the world starting from Interphex in NY to Farmaforum in Madrid without forgetting the Italian venue of CPhI WW which will take place in Milan next autumn.

  1. What has FPS done to “bridge the gap” of this social distancing?

Based on the current situation which makes it very difficult to travel from one country to another, we have decided to bring FPS to our customers. We have created a Virtual Tour of our production site, through which it is possible to visit and discover the different departments and access more in-depth information. It is possible to browse through the FPS production floor and offices directly from our website homepage.

Furthermore, we are conducting remote Mock up reviews and FAT activities. We are working to further enhance our after-sales services to assist our customers remotely in virtual mode, so as to always be alongside our customers.

Why FPS never stops!