Pilot mill series

Small batches of product (3g to 100kg) and all demands of laboratory needs can be grinded by the PilotMill series.

The PilotMill series provides maximum flexibility of use and complete scalability of the industrial process: it is the result of an optimization study that minimizes components and provides for connections between them in accordance with cGMPs so as to ensure fast and easy assembly, disassembly and cleaning.

All the Pilot Mills are available with volumetric or gravimetric feeder, cloth bag separation filter, manual control panel and data recorder compliant to CFR21 Part11.

PilotMill series can be easily integrated into FPS isolators to enable the processing of very active or sterile products. It is also available in an ATEX configuration. Special configurations, such as with PTFE or ceramic inserts and/or coatings, Hastelloy, etc., can be requested.

At FPS MEC Test Centre it is possible to perform technical trials with your products and FPS jet mills.

Pilot Mills Series Jet Mills
Namepilot mill - 2pilot mill - 3pilot mill - 4pilot mill - 5pilot mill - 6
Dimensions2” milling chamber3” milling chamber4” milling chamber5" milling chamber6" milling chamber
MaterialAISI316L / PTFE / Ceramic insertsAISI316L / PTFE / CeramicAISI316L / PTFE / CeramicAISI316L / PTFEAISI316L / PTFE
GasketsPTFE – FEP / Viton - SiliconePTFE – FEP / Viton - SiliconePTFE – FEP / Viton - SiliconePTFE - FEP / Viton - siliconePTFE - FEP / Viton - silicone
Surface roughness< 0.25 μm – contact parts
< 0.80 μm – non contact parts
< 0.25 μm – contact parts
< 0.80 μm – non contact parts
< 0.25 μm – contact parts
< 0.80 μm – non contact parts
< 0,25 μm - contact parts < 0,80 μm - non contact parts< 0,25 μm - contact parts < 0,80 μm - non contact parts
Batch SizeMinimum 1 kg - Maximum 3 kgMinimum 3 g – Maximum 10 kgMinimum 5 g – Maximum 60 kgMinimum 100 g - Maximum 100 kgMinimum 500 g - Maximum 250 kg
ProductivityMinimum 5 g/h- Maximum 1 kg/hMinimum 50 g/h – Maximum 5 kg/hMinimum 50 g/h – Maximum 18 kg/hMinimum 0,2 kg/h - Maximum 30 kg/hMinimum 0,25 kg/h - Maximum 50 kg/h
Gas Consumtpion @ 7 barg11.6 Nm3/h14.4 Nm3/h22 Nm3/h46,5 Nm3/h61,6 Nm3/h
Gas Consumtpion @ 12 barg19.8 Nm3/h24.7 Nm3/h37.8 Nm3/h79,7 Nm3/h105,6 Nm3/h
Gas Consumtpion @ 100 psig7,2 SCFM9,0 SCFM13,7 SCFM29,0 SCFM38,4 SCFM
Gas Consumtpion @ 175 psig12,3 SCFM15,4 SCFM23,6 SCFM49,7 SCFM65,8 SCFM
YieldUp to 99,95% (depending on batch size)> 99.5% (depending on batch size)> 99.5% (depending on batch size)> 99,5% (depending on batch size)> 99,5% (depending on batch size)
Working pressureFrom 2 up to 12 bargFrom 2 up to 12 bargFrom 2 up to 12 bargfrom 2 up tp 12 bargfrom 2 up to 12 barg



The PilotMill-2 jet mill is designed for small batches of product from 1g to 3kg. Depending on this process condition, PilotMill-2 provides higher micronized product yield. It is available in a top discharge configuration with product recovery inside the filter bag to further maximize product yield. 

The PILOTMILL-2 is the result of an unparalleled optimization study that involved the milling chamber, the nozzles and the classifier.


The PilotMill-3 jet mill is suitable for R&D activities and the micronization of product batches starting from 3g and up to about 10kg, ensuring extremely low product loss.


The PILOTMILL-4 jet mill is designed for product development’s needs, where batches from 5g to 60kg are considered. It is available in top and bottom discharge configurations.


PilotMill-5 is the ideal solution for development and production needs in batches from 100g to 100kg.


PilotMill-6 meets product development needs in batches from 500g to 250kg.

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