Milling & Micronization Solutions

Micronization of API and pharmaceutical excipients

In the pharmaceutical industry, powders are essential in the preparation of granules, tablets and capsules: they can therefore enter the composition of various pharmaceutical forms or represent an actual, stand-alone pharmaceutical formula.
The technique of micronization in the pharmaceutical field is a state-of-the-art system for reducing the particle size of an excipient’s active ingredient in order to meet the required size parameters, which are essential for the formulation of the finished product and necessary for obtaining the desired bioavailability of the same. Fps provides a wide availability of micronization equipment such as to ensure maximum flexibility in terms of quantity and/or activity.

FPS’ fluid jet mills and mechanical mills undertake micronisation processes to ensure high-quality fine grinding. The company’s experts can determine the best configuration for a client’s needs.

FPS’ micronisation product range includes spiral jet mills, the QMill, and the PinMill. Spiral jet mill technology is suitable for particle size distribution (PSD) below 3 µm, while the QMill and PinMill are better suited for PSD between 30 µm and 100 µm.

Spiral jet mill technology achieves size reduction by accelerating particles using high-speed jet streams. The particles are then collided to get a target PSD down to D90 µm < 3 µm.
Mechanical mills reduce pharmaceutical and chemical agglomerates to fine particles. FPS’ mills include a specially designed housing with an interchangeable stator and rotor.

QMill technology acts as an alternative to mechanical. Specifically designed for pharmaceutical applications, all connections are made in compliance with current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) standards and features quick assembly and disassembly. The number of components has also been reduced to a minimum to ensure easy cleaning and validation.

The spiral jet mill and QMill series are complete with dedicated feeding systems (volumetric or gravimetric) and final powder collection and filtration units.

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