The containment of the formulation activities of HPAPI Oral Solid Dosage Form requires high integration with the process machines without affecting their functionalities and performances. The goal is to guarantee to the operator the best use of the process equipment while assuring high containment.

FPS has collaborated with leading OEMs for many years and providing the newest technologies for their processes. The process is kept separated from the environment by means of closed rigid walls around the formulation machines. Suitable air barriers are provided when continuous operations are requested.
Dedusting machines and powder suction units can be integrated inside the isolators to provide a higher containment.
Negative pressure regime with turbulent airflows is typically used. Isolators are generally supplied with glove ports. We can guarantee a Containment Performance Target down to the low nanogram level.

Typical applications are spray dryers, granulators, extruders, mixers, powder screens, tablet presses, capsules filling, pan coating machines and blistering machines.

OSD Isolators are also used to contain the following processing: dispensing, In Process Quality Control (IPQC) and HPLC analysis.

The “power voice system” control can be integrated on all types of isolators upon request.