Containment Systems

FPS offers isolators and containment systems of active ingredients and the safe handling of pharmaceutical powders.

All typical activities in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries that are carried out daily involve 3 basic elements: product, operator, and surrounding environment. In this context, containment refers to the set of activities and physical structures that can isolate and ensure the safety of product, operator, and environment.

Our containment isolators provide advanced performance levels for both API and HPAPI. When handling highly toxic powders, it is essential that they are effectively contained so that the operator can work safely and to prevent the powders from dispersing into the surrounding environment.

FPS offers a full range of containment systems to meet every conceivable need:

  • Isolators for API and HPAPI Primary Production are available for many applications: Laboratory, Synthesis, Filtration & Drying, Production Reactor Charging, Process vessel discharging, Pilot Milling & Micronization, Production Milling & Micronization, Dispensing…
  • Isolators for HPAPI Formulation and Packaging are available for many applications: spray dryers, granulators, extruders, mixers, powder screens, tablet presses, capsules filling and pan coating machines.
  • Isolators for sterile applications are proposed in the form of closed isolators or Restricted Access Barrier Systems.
  • Additional containment solutions as: Laminar flow booths for small volumes protections, Pack-off systems to safely discharge, weigh and pack powders, Cleanrooms as general operation environment and Inert Gas Containment systems

We develop aseptic isolators with guarantees of product protection and process integrity. Our aseptic containment isolators provide total aseptic context, by completely separating the product from external contamination during processing. Learn about our types of isolators and containment systems:

Discover our types of isolators and containment systems