June 10, 2022

“For the 20th anniversary of FPS, I would like to express all my gratitude to those who have contributed, during all these years, to the growth of our company.

It is very exciting for me to think 20 years back, when I cultivated the dream of starting a new company. At the time I hoped to get to the top, to be able to build a profitable and lasting business, but the reality has exceeded my greatest expectations. When I think about the efforts made to get here, of the fact that we started with very few people, what I see today seems even more beautiful.

Remembering the most important milestones of these years, I realized even more how much time has passed and how much FPS has grown and changed. From the first systems sold, known as “a small product of craftsmanship”, to large systems installed all over the world and a point of reference among the market leaders. The company has changed profoundly along with our way of approaching customers: we have learned that listening to them actively and deeply understanding their needs, was crucial and it has become a key aspect of the FPS style.

We started as a small company that supplied products only to the Italian market, and today, after 20 years, our systems are installed in over 43 countries and our customers are large pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical companies. We have come a long way, thanks to passion and daily commitment of our staff.

It was above all a team effort, of all those who committed themselves to working with us and for us every day, which has brought us this far.

First of all, I want to thank my team which has proven to be a great team, made up of passionate and competent people, who have been able to face difficult moments with a great spirit of responsibility.

I would like also to extend special thanks to all our consultantspartners and suppliers. If we have come this far, it is also thanks to their precious contribution and to our close cooperation. They always do their best to meet our production needs and work closely with us by sharing their skills, resources and ideas.

I would also like to thank all of you FPS customers. Thank you for choosing us and for continuing to place your trust in us. We have often found in you good friends and great partners.

I am confident that, if we can keep an open mind, continue to commit ourselves and retain the ability to react quickly to a world who is constantly changing, we will be able to continue along the path we took 20 years ago and which leads to excellence.

Whoever knows how to see beautiful things is because he has beauty within himself.

Thank you!”

Carlo Corsini – FPS president